My first few week’s in China…..

So this is my 1st Blog-post since I have been in Shenzhen – China although I have been here for about 3 week’s now. I’ve been quite busy settling in and getting to know the area and thing’s. I have been posting photo’s on my instagram but I decided to use Photoshop to put photo’s together here in this post and talk about them a little more.

It took me a week and a half to get over the jet-lag. I kept going to sleep early in the evening because I would feel so tired. Then I would wake-up really early in the morning at like 5:30am and not be able to go back to sleep. I think it’s just about worn off now and I’m not having any problems waking up early in the morning because sometimes I wake-up before the alarm goes off!

When I was back in the UK, I found it quite hard to go to sleep so I’d watch movies until I felt tired. Now I’m in Shenzhen, I’m out all day every day, so by the time I get back to my apartment I just want to relax or have a sleep.

My first few weeks in Shenzhen - China

I really love Architecture so I take quite alot of photo’s of the surrounding buildings because some of them look really interesting. Last week I bought a sketchbook and some pencil’s from a shop called Honven in Luohu District of Shenzhen. I haven’t got round to it yet but I want to start trying to draw some buildings in my spare time and perhaps then edit them on Photoshop / Illustrator.

My first few weeks in Shenzhen - China2

1- A few things I bought from a 7/11 shop which cost just over 20 RMB, of course I buy alot of iced tea here haha! Peach or Lemon iced Tea is pretty good but there are other flavors to choose from and alot more if looking in a supermarket. Near my apartment that I am now living in has a Carrefour about 5 – 10 minuets walk away. There is also some kind of shopping department near my metro station with a supermarket on the 1st floor. Earlier today I actually found a huge shopping mall around there too.

2- This is some Frozen Yoghurt that I bought from a Hey-Yo! store which actually also sell’s cakes and drink’s there too. It can be expensive because the price depends on how much it weigh’s but definitely worth getting as a treat.

3- These are some buildings I saw whilst walking through a park near Hongling. It looks pretty awsome at night because most buildings have patterned lights on them that change.

4- Me and my friend Rachel on the Metro on the day we 1st met. We were talking online for a while whilst I was still in the UK and I had messaged her on the Shenzhen Expat’s group on facebook. I asked on there if anyone was moving to Shenzhen in China and that’s how we got to know each other. In one of my earlier blog post’s I did an interview with her. It’s nice to know someone that doesn’t live that far from my area where I am living.

5- This is a bridge that was in the park near Hongling. There were a few others like this but I only took a photo of this one in particular because I thought it looked cool.

6- After wondering around one day I came across a gaming arcade that had many different types of machines. The claw machines are also in some shopping malls and I would like to try one at some point when I figure it out haha! I think most of them take 1 RMB coin’s although I have seen some that take 2RMB. These claw machines are different to ones I have seen in the UK though.

My first few weeks in Shenzhen - China3

I’ve never seen a pet store like this one before, it’s a little sad that they are on display in a shop window whilst in cages. Some of the dog’s were bigger so they didn’t really have alot of room to move around. Despite this though, they are very cute! especially the little one with the red and white stripy jacket on.

My first few weeks in Shenzhen - China4

Above are a collection of photo’s I posted within the past week or two. I think the bottle of blue Pepsi is expensive but I really wanted to try it. It tastes just like normal Pepsi apart from the fact that it is blue and also turn’s your tongue blue! The other day I bought a Face-Mask to wear out on the days when the air is not so good because sometimes the air quality is unhealthy. Earlier today I checked what it was and it said very unhealthy and from what I have heard it’s not usual for Shenzhen. Though it isn’t too bad and I’m totally ok at the moment. Something-else that I also really wanted to try was Green Tea flavored Kit-Kat. I think I actually just love Green-Tea flavored everything though because I have tried Green Milk Tea, Green-Tea Latte from Starbucks and other types of snack’s. Dumplings are my favorite thing to eat but I like most of the food here which is a good thing haha!

My first few weeks in Shenzhen - China5

Above are some photo’s from the Picnic event that I went to with my friend Rachel and another girl called Julie. I met many different people that day and was glad to make a few new friend’s. I also met a really nice lady who’s name is Grace and there is a photo of us pictured together above. The picnic was in Lianhuashan Park near Children’s palace metro station Exit F. There were four of us at first trying to find the other people for the picnic but eventually we found everyone. It was a really nice day though and I think next time I go to something like this I will not wear long sleeved clothing for sure as it can get pretty warm.

That’s all for now, I will try to post another blog-post again soon. In the meantime if you have instagram or facebook you can follow me by searching jessinthecrowd.

See you soon :)! xie Xie !



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