My 1st Meet-Up Event

Last week on Monday 11th December in the evening, I had a meal in a Chinese Restaurant. I went because it was for a meet-up event which also happened to be my 1st ever meet-up event that I had gone to.

The name of the Restaurant was ‘The Happy Garden’ in my Hometown. There were 5 other people there including the host of the event. It was really nice to sit and talk with people whom have had similar experiences. My main reason for wanting to¬† attend this event was because I read the profiles of the other people that were also going and two of the people had experience living/travelling in china.

We introduced ourselves, spoke about what China mean’s to us and our interest in China. We shared 3 different types of dim-sum between 5 of us, I also had salt & pepper squid, then a main which was rice with duck meat. I definitely recommend anyone to visit there if you are visiting Cheltenham¬† – UK.

1212Search for your next possible Meet-Up Event to attend here!

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