What to pack & what kind of suitcase is best to use ? . . . . .

Most people say that using a soft style suitcase is better to use rather than the hard-case styles that are supposedly stronger. This is because hard-case style suitcase’s carry a little extra weight. This means if you had the soft style suitcase then you would have that extra space for your packed luggage. I’ve always gone for the hard-case ones in the past and I am wondering if I should buy the other type.

With a minimum budget I don’t really want to spend alot on a suitcase. I have seen some really good ones in TkMaxx in Cheltenham for around £50 – £60. I know I could probably find one online on Ebay or Amazon or perhaps even Argos if there is one on offer.

I already have a Cabin suitcase that possibly needs wheel replacements as it has been really well used. I definitely need a new backpack aswell though as my current one is also really well used and I’ve had it 2-3 years now.

I also know I can’t pack too much stuff or unnecessary things. I’m going for a year & after that I don’t know what I will do. I may come back to the UK or go some-where different, who know’s, we shall see because life is what you make it.

I do actually have a Large suitcase which I could use although I am unsure if I should take it as I think I need a better one. In the slide-show below there are some suit-cases which I quickly searched online. Let me know what you think about what suitcase you would take to China if you were going there for a year or more.

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Xiexie ! Zaijian!

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