Shenzhen China – Guangdong Province

Berlitz Pocket Guide to China / Published 2003 6th edition

A commercial city close to HongKong, Singapore, Seoul & Tokyo, 
The street’s are clean, buildings – tall & shiny accompanied by a bustling atmosphere. With so many things to see and do in this city and close by there are plenty of things to choose from. Beaches, Hot-springs, theme-park’s, even day tours from HongKong offer Shenzhen as a glimpse of life in Modern China.

It will be my 1st time going there so I can’t talk from experience yet myself. I can just talk from what I have researched from book’s, the new’s, social media and share my viewpoint.

There are many expat’s living in China so I know there is a great community of people willing to help each-other. Also there is a Facebook Group ( Girl’s Love Travel ) for Women travelling world-wide so this is a great group to be a part of if you need advice when travelling. From what I have seen by occasionally looking at post’s in this group is that people reply pretty quickly.

Shenzhen Travel Guide

Shenzhen Apartment’s

Shenzhen Supermarket’s



Nogogo Online

Online Shopping

English Taobao

Useful Sites

British Embassy China

Food & Drink


KFC ( Website in Mandarin )

Top 10 Restaurants in Shenzhen

5 Best British Restaurants

6 Trendy Cafe’s in Shenzhen

Best American Restaurants in Shenzhen

Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Shenzhen

Searching for a place to stay

Hostels in Shenzhen/

Hostels in Shenzhen/

Airbnb in Shenzhen

Youtube Video’s


Hope this things are useful for other’s also going to Shenzhen China ! 🙂

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See you next time!/ Xie Xie – Thankyou

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