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There are people that I have followed for a while online that I feel inspired by and some I’ve recently came across. Some are based in China and others travel around the world. Everyone I have listed all have youtube channels so that is why I added a link to their channel so if you are interested you can check out some of their video’s. Not everyone keeps a blog but some do. It’s definitely something that I would like to keep going when in China. Some are social media savvy and so use different types of social media though I just like to use Facebook, Instagram, WordPress & Youtube.

Having other people to aspire to in your life is important I think. There are truly amazing people out there and it’s awesome to see how fearless some people are and truly living in the moment.

1– I’ve only been watching Laowhy86’s channel for less than a year but he has been making videos about living in china for about 8yrs. I would say that he’s the most popular in this category so you should definitely go follow him. You can learn a lot of useful things from his perspective.

2– Travellight #fearless. Jordan left her life behind early 2016 to travel the world with no end-date. This is something I dream of myself. Being a strong independent and courageous woman  is what most of us strive for and this girl is living proof. Currently in Shenzhen – China

3– CollinAbroadcast Living life abroad and currently in China, Collin makes a lot of useful informational video’s. The counterfeit markets, places to go see and stories.

4– UniqueTravelsTv From Atlanta, Ecuador, China and other places in the future ? I really like watching her video’s about life in China. I think seeing other foreigners perspective of their life their gives you a broader range of view. The more you know the more you want to know, see, do. Currently in Taiwan with friend KokoBunny .

5– LaurenWithoutFear, Constantly upload’s video’s so I hit the little bell tab below the video because I always look forward to watching her latest video. Lauren has had Anxiety and Depression for a long time and she encourages people going through the same to get out and explore the world. whilst pushing herself out of her comfort Zone she encourages others to do the same. This is the reason my I love watching her channel because I myself had also suffered with Anxiety & Depression and I am always trying to push myself to do things no-matter how hard thing’s get in life it will never stop me from following my dream’s. #fearless #inspirational                                       My Mental Health Journey ( New Series Starting Soon )

6– Psycho Traveller, Aly from Birmingham, has been travelling the world for the past 3 year’s. Inspiring people to live the life they want to live without fear. #digitalnomad #british #inspirational #travel

7–Where’s Poppy, friend of Travellight ( video of them together ). Straight from a college Graduate to travelling the world #travel #inspirational

8– FunForLouis, Louis travel’s around the world having fun and inspiring other’s to do the same #inspirtional #travel

9–LostLeBlanc, Quit his job to travel the world, making video’s almost daily.

10– Exploring Alternatives, Creating video’s about their own life-style experiments and various other things. See Description here.

11– Serpentza and his wife Huknows, I love watching Winston’s video’s all about life in China as I will be going to live there from early January next year. His wife’s video’s are pretty awsome too although I really do wish they were a lot longer than just a few minutes. Definitely cool content to watch though :)!

12– Prozzie, Living abroad in China documenting his life. Regular content friend of Laowhy86 & Serpentza. #expat #china #travel

13– AustinInChina, American Expat currently living in Chengdu-China, Living in and out of China since 2011, Sharing awsome things about China

14– Lenaaround, A Danish girl living in China and sharing her life with others and also has done video’s with other travel vloggers living in and around China. #inspirational #china #expat #travel


Hope you like my list, leave me a comment and let me know what  you think about any of these people that you may already follow.


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