How can I learn some Mandarin – Chinese? 

There are many way’s you can learn some Mandarin if you are thinking about going to China. I thought that I’d share a collection of things that may be useful to others.

There are many apps on Android & Apple phones. I use two in particular                                 ( HelloChinese & HelloTalk). HelloChinese is very similar to Duo-lingo which is also a language learning app but unfortunately doesn’t have the option to learn Mandarin which is a little disappointing. HelloChinese has more features and they also share useful youtube video’s that you can watch. HelloTalk is more of a language exchange app. You can correct each-other’s sentences, send voice-recordings and even translate sentences. Though you would have access to more features if you pay for the premium option. If not you can just stick with the free option.


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I have a few Phrase-books. Two I bought brand-new from a book-shop called Waterstones in the UK, some from charity shops and one I had borrowed from my local library.

  • DK – Mandarin Chinese – English / Visual Bilingual Dictionary.                                                £8.99p Waterstones Book Shop
  • DK – Eyewitness Travel – Phrase-Book / Mandarin Chinese.                                                     £4.99p Waterstones Book Shop
  • Chinese Phrase-Book (The-Times).                                                                                                 £1.00p in a local charity shop
  • Lonely planet / Phrasebooks / Mandarin                                                                                     £1.00p in a charity shop
  • Berlitz / Pocket Guide / China                                                                                                         £2.00p in a charity shop



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I recommend using the Visual Bilingual Dictionary if you are learning Mandarin yourself but also if you are Chinese and learning English. It has the Chinese characters, Mandarin pronunciation, English words and the pictures to accompany them.

There are many great app’s to use, books to buy or borrow from your local library. You may even use language learning audio pack’s with cd discs.

Your local community may have a Chinese language school. You could find more information there and there may be an option for you to learn basic phrases and sentences you may need to use when travelling or living in China.

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Mandarin—Xie xie

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