Intro and what I’ve bought so far…

Hello and welcome to my 1st Blog post. I’m Jessica from the UK and I will be writing about my preparation before going to China in January 2018. Then I will continue to write about what my life is like in China. I also aim to make YouTube video’s so I may make my 1st one or two toward’s the end of this year (2017). I’ll let you know if I change my mind.

I used to make YouTube video’s when I was at University for my project’s so I guess you could say that I gave myself extra work to do alongside all other thing’s. I see myself as a creative person whom always has idea’s for things to do or things to make. I use Adobe Photoshop on my Mac to make images such as this one below…


Worldwide Travel Adaptor with 2 USB Ports /

I bought this type specifically because I wanted one with 2 USB ports. Some brand’s in other stores cost more money but it’s worth checking your local supermarket’s just incase they sell one there too. I have also read online that you should buy a power surge protector so this is something that I may buy at a later stage. It would be something useful to have if you have different gadgets that you use.

X-Ray Quart Bag @ T.K.Maxx ( in-store )

Instead of getting those clear plastic bags at the airport that you can put your liquids into I wanted something a little more secure. Although Blue is actually my favourite colour I bought a pink Xray Quart bag. This also happens to be a TSA approved bag where you can put your l00ml ( or under ) liquid’s into. TSA stand’s for Transportation Security Administration.

Roll on / Spray Body deodorant

Mitchum is a really good brand to use and has 48hr protection, is alcohol-free, minimises white marks and dermatologist tested. Any traveller will buy body deoderant to put in their luggage but the reason why I have bought a few so far is because from what I have read online and heard from other YouTube Vloggers is that it is hard to find Body deodorant in China especially if you like to use a certain brand.


These stickers I bought from a shop called WhSmith. The reason why I bought these is because they were on offer for £0.49p from £4.99p. I may not necessarily need this but I thought that they might come in handy when I am teaching English in china even if they may already have something like this where I will be working.  I actually bought a few packs so I have like 500 of these stickers and each pack I bought was a little different.

( Make-up ) Rimmel London Wake me up Foundation

I know that popular brands can be bought worldwide but in some countries it may be a little different so just to be on the safe side I have bought a few bottles. This is incase they dont sell this brand or if they dont have the shade that I use. I have tried many different foundations over the year’s but this is one that works really well for my skin. It is just right, besides nobody want’s to have an orange face that looks a different colour from the rest of their body.

Some Medication ( Can be bought in local shop’s or a pharmacy )

These are inexpensive and so far I have only bought a box of Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Beecham’s Cold & Flu tablets because you never know when you might need to take something if you are feeling unwell. In the image that I created below is a visual list of medicines that you could take to China. In the image you can see a medication called Aquatabs which will make water in China safer to drink. The only water that you should really drink when you are in China is bottled water and not tap water so these tablets will come in handy to make the water you use in the place where you are going to be living, safer to use.MedicinetotaketoChina

Luggage Tag

I bought this luggage tag as part of a set that also had a passport holder with pockets. You can buy cheaper ones if you aren’t so fussy about what they look like. If you want your luggage to stand out then you can find one that you like that will be easy to spot when you go to claim your luggage at the airport. Though you can also add other things like coloured ribbon to your suit-case just in-case someone happens to have the same suitcase as you. You would definitely want to make sure that you dont claim the wrong suitcase!

Thank-you for reading my 1st post, I look forward to seeing any comment’s from my readers. If you have any experiences that you would like to share with me about travelling or living in China then that would also be super helpful to me

You can follow me on my social media by checkin my website that has direct links 🙂


Mandarin—Xie xie


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